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Elisabeth Ubbe is a Swedish award-winning photographer, and former midwife, focusing on women's issues,such as female genital mutilation, breastfeeding and breast cancer. Her mission is to create photographs that empower the person on them, as well as, have an empowering effect on those who see them. She achieves this by building meaningful relationships with the people she photographs and making sure she is well informed about the issues she addresses. Elisabeth has been able to penetrate complex and, often, inaccessible and isolated environments in order to extract authentic and unbiased women’s stories. She was recently invited to speak at the United Nations’ Women’s Conference in NewYork. 


2019 June Two images fromNature Doesn´t Fit are exhibited mounted inside ceramics sculptures byMaria Cotellessa in Höganäs Museum and Art hall.
2019 June Still Dick is shown durin OpenStudios in Gotland 30/5-2/6
2019 May Dick of God fromthe exhibition Still Dick is exhibited in Gotland Art Museum.
2019 Commissioned by The New YorkTimes for stories about climate change, immigration and women’s rights
2019 March Pop-up exhibition and gust speaker at the seminar: Doula & CulturalInterpreters— Women Empowerment, Access to Healthcare and Peace Building, NewYork
2019 January “Melted”, an exhibition about climate change at Kafé Tornhuset,Gustavsberg
2018 November Exhibition of portraits interpreting the poem “November” by AlfHenrikson at Kafé Tornhuset, Gustavsberg
2018 September Participant in the jury-rated documentary photo exhibition, Arbetets Museum Norrköping (images from Message For Mom).
2018 June-August A selection from The Invisible Breasts at Hallfreda Hotell, Gotland
2018 May The Invisible Breasts (with the image; Järna Dairy farm) at Gotland ArtMuseum.
2018April Book release of “Kvinnlig Könsstympning” (Female Genital Mutilation)2018 March Participant in the New York Times Portfolio Review
2018 March Main speaker at the seminar: FGM Survivors inMedia – Pictures That Empower, United Nations Women´s Conference, New York.
2018 March Exhibiting “The Invisible Breasts” at theBreastfeeding and Feminism International Conference, Chapel Hill, NorthCarolina,
2017November Lecture/Artist talk at Vassar College, NY
2016October Attended Eddie Adams workshop, Jeffersonville, NY
2015 August - 2016 June Trainee Dagens Nyheter imageeditorial and television. 2015 May Graduation exhibition the Nordic Photoschool, Biskops-Arnö “Genitally Mutilated”
2014 Released theexhibition and photo book “The Invisible Breasts”
2011 March – 2011 December Photojournalist, Nacka VärmdöPosten, 75% 2002-2007 Midwife in childbirth, antenatal care and maternity care
1995-2000 Registered Nurse in the ER, akutmottagning,palliativ care, gynechology, emergency geriatrics


PDN (US );Selected ”photo of the day” 2018 Groupemaman (France); The Invisible Breast bookmention Dagens Nyheter:Sweden’s largest newspaper

Aftonbladet;Title: The female body must be exposed to the light” Dala-Demokraten: Title: “Only breastsat Dalarnas museum” NackaVärmdö Posten; Titel: “Elisabeth’s fight for breasts”

Halmstad: “The invisible breasts - a photo exhibition aboutbreast and breastfeeding”

Sveriges Radio P4: “Breasts, breasts, breasts everywhere”

Mitt i: “Värmdö photographer reflects the lifeof breast cancer”

Vasabladet (Finland): “101 Breasts”

Nacka Värmdö Posten: “Photos that can open the mind” Elisabeth talks about her talk at theUN.

Barnmorskan.se:“Swedish midwives at the UN Women's Conference”

Dagens Nyheter:“She wants to create awareness around female genital mutilation” Refinery 29: “3Photographs That Tell The Whole Truth About Female Genital Mutilation (NSFW)”

AHA Foundation: “Not Comfortable with How FemaleGenital Mutilation is Shown in Photos, A Swedish Photographer Applies a NewApproach”

MiVida: “7Questions for…”


2009 – 2015 Editor in chief Amningsnytt/Breastfeeding news, 55%

2009 April – 2009 December: Photojournalist andreporter, Nacka Värmdö Posten.

2008 – 2018 Freelancing content and photography, Nacka Värmdö Posten.

2008 - 2018 Published in: DN, KP,Stockholm City, TV4 Nyheterna, Dala-Demokraten, Dagens Medicin, ICA Kuriren,OmVärlden, ICA-Kuriren, Accent, Folket i Bild, UNT, Jordemodern, Vårdfokus,SvD, Expressen, Fönstret, SVD, Hufvudstadsbladet etc.


PGBAward: 3rd prize, category nature with the picture Nature doesn´t fit

Tollare folkhögskola annual photo contest 2009: 2ndprize.

Grodden journalist award, best localstory all categories: Local environmental commitment 2008.

Natur och Kultur  Litterary grant Författarfonden Working grant


2016 Eddie Adam´s Workshop, Jeffersonville, NY

2016 June Graduated from the Nordic Photo school,Biskops-Arnö

2015 HEAT, Mission ConflictZone, military security courses for journalists 2014 Journalistförbundetsutbildningsstipendium/educational scholarship2013 Student at the Nordic Photo school, Biskops-Arnö

2012 Fojo security course for journalists inconflict zones

2009 May Journalist degree, Tollare folkhögskola,text and photojournalism

2006 November – 2007 May; Environmentaleducation at SLU and Stockholms university: Basic Environmental Knowledge 5 p.,Environmental Communication 5 p., Sustainable Development as Policy 5 p.

2002 January; Registered Nurse Midwifedegree 60 p. Karolinska institutet, the Institution of Women’s and Children’sHealth

1995 June; RegisteredNurse degree, 120 p. Ersta diakonisällskap

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